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About our Services and commissions:

Services and commissions

Besides the production of multi media model kits, Peolini Design also produces one-offs, short run productions or small series of models and we gladly accept any request for building you a model from an existing model kit. Some of our projects are shown below:

a Tamiya P-51 D built by Peolini Design an Italeri Willy’s Jeep built by Peolini Design

Kits built for customers; a Tamiya P-51 D and an Italeri Willy’s Jeep.

Peolini Design participated in producing a limited series of 100 scale models in 1/18th scale of a 1969 Austin Healy 3000, Mk.III, phase 2 These models were all custom made after customers requests.

a 1969 Austin Healy 3000, Mk.III built by Peolini Design

A small series of 10 different Mercedes Benz Hearses (4 of each) were made for a coach builder in Germany. Mercedes Benz Hearses, built in commission by Peolini Design

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about these services.

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