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one of our models: the Dodge WC-54 Ambulance

Scale models

Peolini Design kits are state of the art models and kits formed as accurate as possible after the original subjects.

Our ever expanding product range will soon contain multi media model kits of airplanes and military vehicles in different scales.

The parts of our models kits are produced of the most appropriate materials like resin, white metal, etched brass or acetate film and are formed after precise, handmade or digitally formed masters, made with the greatest attention to detail.

These parts, combined with our extensively illustrated instructions result in ease of construction in our kits. The provided decals are printed on a very thin carrier sheet and decal options are always well researched to offer you a model as historically correct as possible. The rest is then to you to turn these kits into a master piece.

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Dodge WC-54 Ambulance type II

the Dodge WC-54 Ambulance, type II

Based on the commercial Dodge chassis with T-412 engine, the Dodge WC54 with its metal, Walker-built body, was the primary ambulance in the US Army from the start of the American entry in WWII. The first type of WC54 rolled off the assembly lines in Mai 1942 with the second type replacing it in Octobre 1943. The WC54 was used widely at home based stations but made its name as it saw extensive action in both the European and Pacific Theatre of Operations in WWII and in Korea after that. The enormously versatile WC54’s were also used by the US Navy and numerous were used all around by the US Signal Corps, the Military Police, as communications trucks, fire and crash trucks on airfields, etc. etc.


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