Banner with the new Peolini Design logo & the Dodge WC54.

About Peolini Design:

This is what we do.

Since 2001 Peolini Design strives to produce state of the art models, masters, maquettes and kits as accurate as possible.

Our product range contains multi media model kits of airplanes and military vehicles in different scales, unique models, small series of custom made models, and custom builds of existing kits.

The parts of our models are produced of the most appropriate materials and are formed after handmade or digitally formed masters, made with the greatest attention to detail. Materials used for the parts of our kits and models are for instance urethane resin, white metal, etched brass, rubber, turned metal and acetate sheet.

Combined with our extensively illustrated instructions, filled with additional info, this results in ease of construction in our kits. It is then up to you to turn your model in to a masterpiece.

Besides the production of these high quality multi media model kits, Peolini Design also produces industrial masters, architectural maquettes and one-offs or small series of models. Mercedes Benz Hearses, built in commission by Peolini Design

Peolini Design also gladly accepts any request for building you a model from an existing model kit. You can request any finish you like from showroom condition to heavily weathered.

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